Ten Reasons Why You Should Be A Doula


In honor of the upcoming doula training in Athens (January 2016), we want to give you a little incentive to go ahead and sign up. If you’ve never really considered it or if you’re on the fence, maybe we can sway you just enough to step out of your comfort zone and do it. So, here are…..

Ten Reasons Why You Should Be A Doula

1. It’s an honor! There are few life events more meaningful to be part of

Emily is taking a break

“I am not currently taking births in order to focus my energy at home. I started attending births while my son was an infant and imagined that being away from him would get easier and easier with time. However, I’ve found that because of his nature and mine, it’s still very stressful 2-and-a-half years later to be away from him for any long span of time. There is both the emotional difficulty (I miss him! He misses me!) and the

Remember our giant vagina?

We had so much fun last year at the Athens Area Maternity and Baby Fair that we decided to get our giant vagina out and do it all over again this year. The name of the game is “Show Me How You Got Here” and it involves tossing sperm shaped bean bags into a cornhole game that has been painted to look like a giant vagina by our local artist extraordinaire, Heidi Hensley.

Come win a prize if your …

Who wants to build another Full Bloom?

Like most of you guys, I was heartbroken about the closing of Full Bloom. I understood why but I personally can’t imagine where I would be if Pat never opened the doors of Full Bloom. Lawrence was 6 months old when Full Bloom started and I was not in a good place. Lawrence was a high needs child and breastfeeding was hard. I had to go back to work in an unsupportive environment. I was trying to do what I …

Birth Plan Workshop

Hi everyone!
For March’s group prenatal meeting, we have decided to hold a birth plan workshop. I have said before and I will say again and again . . . birth plans are so important. Even if you never take your birth plan to the hospital, the process of learning and educating yourself about your choices makes you an informed patient who will be able to advocate for yourself in most situations.

When: Sunday, March 25th at 3:00pm
Where: Full

Join us for a Movie Party, Sunday Dec. 11th

Hi Everyone!
We had talked about having a movie party for December’s group meeting and ICAN of Athens beat us to it.  So . . . it makes the most sense for us to just join them!  I hope all of you have watched the first Business of Being Born and if not, go out and watch it today.  You can live stream it on Netflix.  More Business of Being Born was released recently as 4 – 1 hour segments.  …

Lending Library

We have been collecting a few books here and there and are excited to get our library inventory up on the website. Check it out and let us know if you want to borrow a book or have some good reading material lying around that you would like to donate to us.

I am expanding our library as we speak but here are a few of the titles we have available:

  • Birthing Ourselves into Being, Baraka Elihu
  • Get Me

Cloth Diaper Resources

Someone mentioned cloth diapers to me when I was pregnant with my 1st and I thought it sounded cool and little retro, but definitely not for me. Then the baby was born . . . and the diaper pail just filled up so fast. I couldn’t even keep up with the trash let alone the cost. So we ate our words and started looking into cloth diapers. I never looked back. Cloth diapering our kids has been simple, fun …

We are in the news . . .

Onlineathens.com:  Athens’ doulas know deliveries

By JOE VANHOOSE – joe.vanhoose@onlineathens.com

Published Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kate Hodges didn’t know what a doula was when she gave birth to her first child. But she had one by her side for her second.  Hodges, a plant biologist at the University of Georgia, now is a doula herself. On the weekends, she stays with mothers and couples as they go into labor and never leaves their side.

Doulas like Hodges are there to …

What does ideal maternity care look like?

Would you know it when you saw it?  What if there was a practice in Athens that looked like this:

  • Medical care is provided by a Doctor / Midwife team.
  • Every client takes a childbirth education class, whether it is a in-depth class for new parents or a refresher class for those with a previous experience.
  • Everyone sees a counselor or social worker at least once during prenatal care and again during the postpartum period.
  • Group prenatal care