Private Birth Classes

Everyone’s birth is different. Private classes are an option for those families who would like a class tailored to their priorities and needs.  Our class are perfect for:

  • Busy families who do not have time for a multi-class series.
  • Unique situations.
  • Families with children at home.

With a private session, I will deliver a class perfectly designed to fit your needs and interests. Our session will be a unique mix of discussion, practice and exercise combined with with home-study activities and thinking exercises that are presented in a fun and engaging way. Invite your doula or support team to join our private session so that everyone is prepared for the birthing experience.

Each session includes:

  • Pre-class home study exercise to prepare you for our session together.
  • One 3 hour private class taught in your home.
  • Post-class email with a customized resource list and plan to round out your educational needs.

Pricing: $200 per session

** Have a friend who is pregnant?  Save a little money by making this a semi-private session.  I will teach a class to two families at once for an extra $50 ($150 per family).  Just make sure your home is big enough to accommodate a slightly larger group.

Kate Hodges
Classes are taught by Kate Hodges
Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator,
experienced birth doula and mama of two.
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Kate has a great sense of humor which made the classes so much fun. Each day there was a specific topic area to be covered. She gave the medicated and unmedicated side of childbirth facts, side effects to drugs, labor strategies, etc. She would ALWAYS differentiate for us when she was giving us her opinion and when she was relaying a fact. This class was so helpful for my peace of mind, and prepared me for my unmedicated childbirth this past August. Oh! and there was just about always a handout to go along with the class which I loved. There was always a homework assignment as well. You get your money’s worth. I highly recommend! ~ Christina

Kate teaches an amazing childbirth class that is well worth the time! She covers all potential aspects of birth and helps both partners and moms prepare for labor, birth, and life after baby. She is very thorough, and has a fun personality that helps ease any fears, and she creates a comfortable environment in which to talk about such vulnerable and important topics relating to birth. ~ Amanda

Kate’s childbirth class was everything we needed and more. She walked us through all of the possible routes a labor and delivery can take, and helped us come up with plans and strategies to maximize our experience. With her help, our journey into parenthood started off on the best possible course and we had an amazing birth experience because we were so well prepared and informed. Thank you, Kate! Highly recommend her class to any parents-to-be, especially if you want a natural birth! ~ Stephanie

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