Join us for a Movie Party, Sunday Dec. 11th

Hi Everyone!
We had talked about having a movie party for December’s group meeting and ICAN of Athens beat us to it.  So . . . it makes the most sense for us to just join them!  I hope all of you have watched the first Business of Being Born and if not, go out and watch it today.  You can live stream it on Netflix.  More Business of Being Born was released recently as 4 – 1 hour segments.  This Sunday we will be watching the segment on VBACs.  Even if you are a first time mama, I think there will be lots of great information in the movie about knowing your options in any hospital setting.  If you want to meet up with any of us Two Bee doulas before or after the movie to chat and have some one-on-one time, then send us a message and let us know.  We hope to see you there!

Here are the details:

3pm at Full Bloom on Sunday, December 11th.
Click here for the Facebook Event details.

Here is the movie trailer for a sneak peak:

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