I am scared . . .

The majority of women who are pregnant will report a fear of childbirth.  It is a very real fear and one that is totally understandable too, considering all the negative images we are surrounded with from the traumatic birth stories we hear to the negative images we see on television.  Some of the fears reported by expectant parents include:

  • Lack of strength to cope
  • The well being of the baby
  • Not being able to push
  • Losing control of their physical

The Essential Ingredient: Doula

Check out this short documentary featuring commentary by all of DONA International’s esteemed founders and some of the past presidents speaking on the origin of doula support and why doula support is so very important.

I know what a doula is, but what does she do?

Since I started training to become a doula, I am often asked “What is a doula?” and I find that question easy to answer. Doulas provide continuous emotional and physical (non-clinical) support to laboring women.

Got it.  That is simple.

Next comes the more complicated question, “Yeah, but what does she do?
Followed by:

“What about the doctor?”
“Is the doula a midwife?”
“What about the partner?  Does he/she get left out?”

The reality is that …