Birthing With Courage


There is a movement happening that encourages women to birth without fear—to trust their bodies, their instincts, and their babies. The positivity that comes from this is incredible, uniting, and extremely empowering…but, is it entirely realistic? For me, I found that it was not. I found myself frustrated that I could not completely do away with my fears surrounding birth, particularly when hoping for a successful VBAC.

Here is why. Every woman enters her labor (whether at home or in

I am scared . . .

The majority of women who are pregnant will report a fear of childbirth.  It is a very real fear and one that is totally understandable too, considering all the negative images we are surrounded with from the traumatic birth stories we hear to the negative images we see on television.  Some of the fears reported by expectant parents include:

  • Lack of strength to cope
  • The well being of the baby
  • Not being able to push
  • Losing control of their physical