Birth Plan Workshop

Hi everyone!
For March’s group prenatal meeting, we have decided to hold a birth plan workshop. I have said before and I will say again and again . . . birth plans are so important. Even if you never take your birth plan to the hospital, the process of learning and educating yourself about your choices makes you an informed patient who will be able to advocate for yourself in most situations.

When: Sunday, March 25th at 3:00pm
Where: Full

Join us for a Movie Party, Sunday Dec. 11th

Hi Everyone!
We had talked about having a movie party for December’s group meeting and ICAN of Athens beat us to it.  So . . . it makes the most sense for us to just join them!  I hope all of you have watched the first Business of Being Born and if not, go out and watch it today.  You can live stream it on Netflix.  More Business of Being Born was released recently as 4 – 1 hour segments.  …

July’s Group Meeting

Hi pregnant people!

Come out for our Group Prenatal Meeting this Sunday, July 17th, at 3pm.  We will be hanging in the Tree Room at Two Story Coffeehouse in 5 points and trying to stay cool with lemonade and brownies.  Can’t wait to see you there!


Kate, Claire and Emily…

March Group Prenatal Meeting – changed to the 29th!

All 3 of us could not be around on Sunday the 27th so we have changed our meeting to the evening of the 29th.
Hope to see you there!!…

I am scared . . .

The majority of women who are pregnant will report a fear of childbirth.  It is a very real fear and one that is totally understandable too, considering all the negative images we are surrounded with from the traumatic birth stories we hear to the negative images we see on television.  Some of the fears reported by expectant parents include:

  • Lack of strength to cope
  • The well being of the baby
  • Not being able to push
  • Losing control of their physical

Advantages of Laboring at Home

Many people go to the hospital as soon as they feel the first contraction. It seems natural to be nervous and uncertain of what to do in early labor and while running to the hospital may feel like the right thing to do, there are many benefits to laboring in your home.

Most women will be very comfortable during the early stages of labor with contractions building gradually over a long period of time. At home you are in your …

Resources: Writing a Birth Plan

As we prep for November’s Group Prenatal Meeting, I decided to collect some resources on our topic of the month.

By Invitation Only… Who Will Attend Your Birth? This is an area that deserves a bit of thought, well before your birth. I had anxiety around who would or more importantly, who would not be attending my birth. By addressing the issue and talking with all the involved parties, I was able calmly and rationally explain my wishes to …