i know ICAN! Family Jam

For all you families looking for something fun to do that supports a good cause, check this out:

i know ICAN! Family Jam

Join us for a family-friendly festival featuring our local musical talent in both adult and children’s music. There will be live music, children’s activities and a bake sale offering the best homemade goodies around! All proceeds will go to support ICAN of Athens.

Current line up:
Patrick Carey (of Ginger Envelope)
Cherry Moon Socialites (Bryan Nuse & …

The Family Centered Cesarean

Just got home from our local ICAN meeting and we had a great discussion of about Family Centered Cesareans and hopefully we can make this an option in Athens in the near future. Rebecca gave us some great resources I just have to share. Check it out:

Sample Cesarean Birth Plan – wonderful resource that list options for those of you planning a scheduled cesarean or things to think about including in your birth plan even if you DON’T plan …