tino zoe mattiAfter two trimesters of smooth sailing, in a routine prenatal appointment I was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia at 27 weeks. To save my life and that of my little girl, the decision was made to deliver my baby three months early via emergency caesarian. The days, weeks, and months to follow would prove to be the most difficult of my life. The compassion, care, and support offered by Kate Hodges was nothing short of extraordinary. Kate’s practical wisdom, lactation expertise, organizational savvy, and calm demeanor were a source of strength and stability during our daughter’s 109 day NICU stay. Kate became our go-to person for all things making it possible for my husband and me to focus our time, effort, and energy on our little one. Kate’s support included establishing a centralized communication portal for family and friends to receive updates, organizing the delivery of healthy meals to the hospital, and taking care of routine errands. Despite my daughter’s tough start, today she is healthy, beautiful, spunky, and strong. Every mother deserves a birthing experience of her dreams. However, when the unexpected happens, every mother deserves the expertise and support of Kate Hodges and Two Bee Birth Services. — Zoe Johnson
kim naugle 2With the birth of my first child ending up with a c- section, I was determined to do things differently. I really wanted a doula for the first birth but my doctor had many bad experiences and did not allow them. Being our first both my husband and myself had doubts about what was normal during labor and if our decisions were well-informed or if I gave up on a vaginal delivery too soon. Once I decided to try for baby number two, I knew I wanted a doula for the birth. After asking around, I was told about Two Bee Birth Services. Kate was impressive from the start with her knowledge and relaxed demeanor. I felt comfortable right away. Her referrals on chiropractic care and prenatal exercise classes were very helpful. The meetings helped with open discussion with several other women helped me feel supported and we were all able to share our experiences with different providers. This really helps in the VBAC experience as there are few providers to choose from. Knowing more about the providers really helped with communication with them and having reasonable expectations of them. Kate was an super knowledgeable and helped me to be informed about several challenges a VBACer faces. Having three doulas ended up being very important as two of them were very sick and unavailable when I went into labor. The phone support was invaluable even if it was just a text of reassurance or to say please call Sarah. Most of all the support of having someone there to labor with me who could say “yes this is normal” and “you are doing great” was awesome along with the handy headbands and chapstick to keep me comfortable during labor. Poor Sarah was upbeat and positive even though I woke her up and dragged her to the hospital at 3 am the night before the actual delivery. She was there with me until 9 am when I decided it was time to go home and rest, and then she was right back with me the next night at 8pm when it was go time. She was super reassuring and never left my side. After delivery she showed me the placenta and explained all about it despite being exhausted. I was on cloud nine after having pushed out my little girl and was not at all concerned that I had ended up with a small episiotomy. Sarah came to visit me at home and explained several of the details of the events of my baby’s birth that I had questions about and she brought The Amazing Herbal perineum soak, that was a miracle that soothed soreness and helped it to heal quickly. All in all, my little ones birth was such less stress knowing that I was supported, that my husband would not have to worry, and that I trusted my providers. Worth every penny. — Kim Long
DSC_5686-001Kate provided a tremendous amount of encouragement, support, and clarity during the birth of our daughter. Her knowledge and presence (especially those last few hours) calmed our anxieties and reassured us the entire way through delivery. My husband and I are very grateful that we had Kate with us and would highly recommend using her or another one of the Two Bee doulas. — Sara Watwood
greene kresl family picChoosing to share our daughter’s birth with the doulas at Two Bee was absolutely one of the best decisions my partner and I made during pregnancy. Claire was on call when I went into labor on a Friday morning and offered continuous support until Asa’s birth on Sunday afternoon. She helped me stay calm and focused when my labor unfolded differently than I’d imagined and everything felt out of control. Even though I didn’t end up with the unmedicated vaginal birth I’d envisioned, Claire was right beside me as I tried, literally, everything to create the experience I wanted. When I had complications from my c-section, Kate joined Claire and my family at the hospital and provided support to them as well. If it takes a village to care for our children, the doulas at Two Bee will forever be part of my family’s village, and I will forever be thankful for their love and support as my partner and I became Asa’s parents. — April Greene
fam-001We are so thankful for the support and encouragement we received from the ladies at Two Bee! You were as helpful to my husband as you were to me. Nothing seemed scary or foreign to us in the hospital, and we never felt helpless thanks to the help and information Two Bee provided before and during our daughter’s birth. Thank you so much for all you do! — Maryanna Axson
DSC_0047From the moment I first met Kate, Emily and Claire I felt unconditionally supported. Even before I made the final (and excellent!) choice to birth with Two Bee they were already there, checking in and offering support. I was attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and therefore was going into my second birth with excitement and expectation, yes, but also a good amount of fear and some doubt. These phenomenal women were there for me every step of the way. Claire was on call during my labor and she was amazing. My husband, Claire and I made a great team. Claire was exactly the sort of calm, reassuring presence we needed. So of course labor was painful (surprise!) but Claire’s encouragement was invaluable to each moment, in each breath. When ultimately I had to make the decision to have a repeat c-section, Claire was right beside me. I really could not have had a better experience, and I’m so glad not only that I hired a doula this time around, but that I chose Two Bee. — Kathryn Johnson
My husband, Ben, and I knew we wanted a doula to support us and advocate for us through the birth of our first child. One of the concerns we had with choosing a doula was the risk that after months of building a relationship with her, we would end up with her backup if she was unavailable. Selecting Two Bee was an easy decision for us – it eliminated this risk, and we felt equally comfortable with (and excited about) Kate, Emily or Claire attending our birth. We were confident that each of them would be able to help us have the birth experience we desired. When I faced induction at nearly 42 weeks, something I never imagined could happen and wanted desperately to avoid, I felt much more confident going into it knowing Emily was there for support. She kept us entertained in the hours we waited for contractions to begin and her own birth experience reminded me that I could, in fact, survive pitocin without pain medication. Her presence was reassuring. I heard her voice when I needed it, but I had the space I needed to quietly focus and labor in the way I found worked for me. Despite encountering interventions I had so wished to avoid, Everett’s birth was a positive one. My birth preferences were honored when at all possible and I achieved my ultimate goal of avoiding pain medication. I will always be thankful the Two Bee doulas were there to support us throughout my pregnancy and that Emily was there to share Everett’s birth with us. — Marion Boyd
Having our doula, Kate, was essential to me sticking to my labor goal that I set during my Hypnobirthing instruction: not to be be scared. I can honestly say that having her there helped my husband and I relax and not have to worry about whether what we were experiencing was normal, we could just go forward and experience it knowing she was watching out for us. This became very important when my labor didn’t follow the textbook course and I was on the fence between panicking that nothing was happening or being thankful that I was having a very manageable labor. She was the one who gently suggested we go in for a progress check, which to my great shock, revealed I was 9 cms and almost ready to push. As with labor, Kate was by my side during pushing and was great at anticipating my needs. Her constant presence was the key to keeping me relaxed and allowing for such an amazing birth. Thank you!!
— Sharon Levine
For all my pregnant friends I would highly recommend a doula for your labor and delivery, specifically Two Bee Birth Services.
— Marianne Saxton, Read Marianne’s birth story here
The Two Bee staff are awesome ladies! They are very knowledgeable, caring and available for all of my questions! I had a 36 hour labor and Claire was by my side the entire time! I am SO glad to have had Two Bee as my doula provider and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a doula! — Joy Channell
I just want to see that you girls really rock. You made my labor go so easy. It was 4 hard days but you helped me get through all that… I even consider all of you more than a doula group I would use the word friends 🙂
— Brigitte Blain